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  • Where can I see sample linen swatches?

    You can see sample linens at any of our NOAH’S Event Venue locations.  Please go to to find a location near you!
  • Where do I pick up/drop off the linens?

    When you order linens they will be shipped directly to you.  You can select your preferred method of return during the checkout process.  You can return the used linens by scheduling a FedEx pickup, dropping off the used linens at a local FedEx, or delivering the linens to a local NOAH’S location.
  • Can I pay with cash or check?

    NOAH’S Linens can only accept checks if you bring them into your local NOAH’S location. If you do not have a NOAH’S location near you, then you will need to pay by credit card online or over the phone. We do not accept cash.
  • How many days after my event do I have to return the linens?

    Linens must be returned to your local NOAH’S or FedEx location on the next business day after your event.
  • How far in advance do I need to order my linens?

    Orders should be made at least three weeks prior to your event date.  If you need to order within the three weeks prior to your event you can call 435-469-9025 to check availability.  We cannot guarantee products will be available for use when ordering within three weeks of your event date.  Shipping costs may increase if your order is made within three weeks of your event date.
  • Can I order linens for multiple dates?

    Yes. To order linens for different dates simply select the appropriate event date for each item before adding it to your cart.  Items ordered for different event dates will be shipped separately.
  • Can I purchase linens from NOAH’S Linens?

    Yes. We often sell linens that have been discontinued or slightly damaged. Please contact NOAH’S Linens at 435-469-9025 for availability.
  • When will I receive the linens I have rented for my event?

    Your linens will arrive two to three days prior to your event date.